About us

Vasiti.com is a one-stop platform that helps members of the student community easily find and conveniently get connected to everything they need around their campus including buyers for anything they want to sell, sellers for goods they want to buy, customers for their services, service vendors or service providers for any kind of service they need and relevant information in real time.

We are structured as a marketplace with an online magazine for the student community. Our marketplace makes it possible for sellers to create free accounts and place ads for their products or anything they wish to sell and student entrepreneurs and SMEs around campuses can also create account and place free ads for any kind of service they render including fashion designing, photography, makeup services, phone repair, catering, graphic designing, tutoring and so on. Members of the student community no longer have to depend on stressful and ineffective paper ads or word of mouth when they wish to sell items or advertise their services, Vasiti.com helps them reach out to thousands of potential customers around their campus.

Users can easily search the marketplace and discover lots of sellers or vendors for any product or service they need around their campus and since buyers and sellers are on/around the same campus, transactions are carried out easily and conveniently in close proximity. Users can also shop directly from a seller around campus through Vasiti.com and have goods delivered to them within 24 hours with a 100% money back guarantee if the product is unsatisfactory.   Searching for an item or service around campus has never been easier, no more asking around for referrals or walking helter skelter around campus, an easy search on our platform helps users find any item or service they need around campus and saves them time, money and stress.

The online magazine makes available relevant news, information and entertainment in real time including latest campus events and happenings, scholarship and internship opportunities for students, trending social and political issues and lots of other exciting and entertaining articles, interviews and much more. Users can now get relevant information that could help improve their social, educational and entrepreneurship life.  We have a “Tell Vasiti” feature where people can inform us about happenings or events on their campus and we’d publish it.

Our website is a beautiful, user friendly, fully functional, secure and responsive website which gives users a great experience every single time. We are very concerned about the authenticity of ads and safety of our users and so we have put in place a report ad feature, reviews and ratings which enable users give feedback on product and services and more importantly alert us on any fraudulent activities or unsatisfactory products or services and we’d take immediate action. We have a hardworking and dedicated team working round the clock to ensure all our users get maximum satisfaction from our platform.

Our mission is to help members of the student community save time, money and stress by helping them easily find and get connected to buyers and sellers of goods and services around their campus.