7 Delicious Street Food Combo You Should Try

7 Delicious Street Food Combo You Should Try


Street foods has become an important part of our lives because they are readily available when the hunger pangs starts biting and you probably don’t want to go a restaurant.

There are countless street foods you can find around. Irrespective, if you want to really enjoy street foods, there are some food combinations that taste better together.

This is because if you eat them alone, you can’t get the best out of it.

However, ensure that where you buying it is hygienic.

  • Bread + Akara
  • Fried yam + Akara
  • Roasted Plantain + Groundnut
  • Lacasera + Gala
  • Corn + coconut
  • Eko + Moi Moi
  • Corn + Pear

Bread +  Akara

This can be categorized as our very own Nigeria Sandwich.  This combo is enjoyable especially if the Akara (Bean cake) is hot and if you are lucky, the bread too.

This combo is not only enjoyable ,  It is also very economical.

Fried yam + Akara

You can never compare eating fried yam alone and when you combine it with hot Akara balls. Wow! You will not get enough of it. And don’t forgot to ask the seller to add pepper! Other Akara combos include akara + bread and akara + pap.


Roasted Plantain + Groundnut

Whoever thought of roasted plantain and groundnut is a genius! In fact, you will always find groundnuts were roasted plantains are sold. So, when you buy roasted plantain, don’t forget to buy groundnut at the same time.

Lacasera + Gala

This is arguably the king of street food combo in Lagos. You can hardly find anyone who takes Lacasera or any other beverages without a sausage roll in hand. This will temporarily tackle your hunger pangs.

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Corn + coconut

You can enjoy roasted or cooked corn on its own without coconut. But corn and coconut are fantastic when consumed together. If you are yet to taste this street food together, you should probably try it because the taste is out of this world.


Eko( Pap) +  Moin-Moin( Baked Beans)

Eko and moin moin is another exciting combo. There is no way you can take eko alone. It must be eaten with moin moin if you are serious about enjoying your eko.

Roasted Corn + Pear

Although roasted corn is naturally enjoyable on its own, but an addition of pear to go with the roasted corn is an enjoyable experience. This is one street food that is popular with the ladies of every age.

You definately want to try this out.

If you have any other street food combination suggestions,  please drop them in the comments section.

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