Ode to the Trendsetters and Go-getters

Ode to the Trendsetters and Go-getters

Hello Goodmorning you good people of earth. I hope you all are as excited as I am to start this lovely day. Just to set you in tha mood ???? To kickstart this lovely day, I’ll bring to you the trendiest of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment news, just little treats to spice your day.

C.Ronaldo Wins FIFA Men’s Player of the Year Award.

Now, if by now you don’t know who C.Ronaldo is, you must have time travelled from the 5th century BC. where the only fun things to do was watching gladiators fight in the colosseum.

Well, as you can clearly see, time traveller, times are changing and we don’t need to kill people for entertainment now. That’s why we have football in all its glory and all its hot guys.

At about 9pm yesterday, in London, C. Ronaldo was presented with the Player of the year award. This would be the second time in a row receiving this honor, beating Lionel Messi and Neymar to earn the title the World’s Best Footballer.(For all my ladies, you can relax now, he’s not a Yoruba demon, he’s not that kind of player, and they surely give awards for it).

Ronaldo has scored 44 goals for club and country so far in 2017 and scored twice in the Champions League final in June as Real retained the trophy and became European champions for a record-extending 12th time.

If C.Ronaldo isn’t winning at life generally, then I don’t want to know what winning is.

Ronaldo winking at victory like… We say kudos to you Ronaldo.
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