5 Simple Rules You Need To Try To Wake Up Early

5 Simple Rules You Need To Try To Wake Up Early

You have plans to wake up early, so you set your alarm to ring at 4:30 am but after sleeping like what seems like a few hours, you open your eyes, and see that it is sunrise.

Am sure you can relate with this scenario. It happens to most of us, we set our alarms but when it rings, we never respond, some even press the snooze or stop button.

However there are people who wake up early, the question is how do they do it?

The answer is you need to make some lifestyle changes  if you want to join the early riser’s club.

Are you ready? Bet you are.

Follow these 5 simple and  practical rules to wake up early, and be consistent with them, and you will never have to snooze your alarm clock again.

  • You do not procrastinate
  • Prepare meals in advance
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, soda, and cigarettes before bed
  • Keep your bedroom screen free
  • Reward Yourself
  • Be honest with yourself in the process

You do not procrastinate

Having so much to do means you are unable to wake up early. However, if you properly plan your schedule and avoid putting off what you have to do, you will definitely become an early riser. So, try as much as possible to stop procrastinating and do whatever you want to do.



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 Prepare meals in advance

Cooking is one of the things that some people do not look forward to especially after a stressful day. At the same time, you do not want to start cooking in the morning. This can simply delay you. Hence, you cook their meals in advance so that you only need to microwave it the next day.

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Avoid drinking coffee before going to bed

People who wake up early do not drink coffee late in the night because it will make it difficult for them to sleep. So, if you are serious about waking early as well as having a sound nap, you should avoid any kind of caffeine.

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Keep your bedroom screen free

No matter the kind of screen, it should never be found in your bedroom. From a phone to computer and laptop; you should leave everything in the living room. They are just distractions and a major reason why so many people do not wake early.


Power everything off one hour before bedtime. That means the television, the Internet, the smartphone, and any other “smart” device that can cause a distraction. Get into bed and read a book. Non-fiction or fiction, it’s your choice.

Whatever it is, ensure that you aren’t reading from a screen.

Reward Yourself

 Reward yourself  every time you wake up early,with something that is genuinely rewarding to you.

According to, Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit, it is important to reward yourself when adopting a new habit. He used the example of exercising more. “Even if you think you want to start exercising, your brain essentially thinks that you’re a liar and that you don’t actually like exercise.

So what you have to do is train your brain so it knows that exercise is linked to something you know that you enjoy, like a piece of chocolate, taking a nice long shower, or spending 15 minutes on Facebook.

It doesn’t matter what the reward is. What matters is it’s genuinely rewarding, and that you allow yourself to enjoy that reward.”

Be honest with yourself in the process

Being honest with yourself about what’s preventing you from going to bed and waking up early will not only help you recognize what improvements you need to make to wake up early

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