3 Danger-Free Tips You Can Try If You Want To Text-Walk

3 Danger-Free Tips You Can Try If You Want To Text-Walk

Sometimes you can’t help it when you text-walk especially when we are chatting with a potential customer or contributing to  a  comment on an engaging post on Instagram.

The thought of “let me quickly type this”  is the main reason behind text-walking” and this should not surprise anyone because we are now in the smartphone & social media age.

Nowadays, smartphones and social media distract us.

However, there is a danger to this popular behaviour

In fact, in some countries, they have put up banners warning people about the dangers of text-walking while in places like Hawaii, you are banned from text-walking.

So, while advising you to stop using your smartphone while walking may not sound workable, here are tips you can try for text-walking

Do not send or respond immediatelyImage result for Do not respond Gif

We are all addicted to our smartphones. Hence, we love to chat with girlfriend, family, and friends on BBM, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram whether we are walking or not. No matter how important the message (s) is, you should not reply or respond immediately. Get to wherever you are going and settle down to reply.

Stand at a point and do whatever you want to do with your phone

If you have to respond to a message, step aside or stand at a point and reply the messages. This is better if you do not want fall into a ditch or hit a fellow pedestrian. It is safe and reasonable.

Download type and walk application

For every problem, there is a technology solution. There are now apps that will enable you to type when you are walking. How? You can easily type messages, read and send images and messages while walking to your destination without messing up with traffic on road or street.  You can download Type While Walk or Type N Walk which are available on either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.


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