17.2% of freshmen may face withdrawal from UI, as first semester results are released

17.2% of freshmen may face withdrawal from UI, as first semester results are released


It’s a somber time in the University of Ibadan as the confidential results for non-finalist and fresh men were released. The strictly confidential document popularly termed “book of life” contains the results of the past semester, showing the reflection of every students CGPA (cumulative grade point average). The release isn’t something new to the University of Ibadan but the circumstances surrounding the release of this tensely expected result made it an agitating wait.

On 18th October 2017 the book of life was revealed, looking through the book brought smiles to few, but the highlight of the release was the confirmation of the fears of so many UItes, as the CGPA of the newly admitted 100 level student recorded one of the highest amounts of first semester failure in UI history. Due to the method of admission employed during the last admission exercise and change in the method of grading in the university, many predicted this kind of failure but seeing the repercussion of the changes was quite surprising as about 510 UI freshmen face advisement to withdraw if their CGPA doesn’t rise above the stipulated 1.0 CGPA.

The release of the brought about rivers of different emotions from UI students, as many slept for days in tears soaked beds, some just moped around while many got gist of the impending doom if something wasn’t done. Since the release there has been an influx of students to Keneth Dikeh library and religious organization as many try to make amends and patches to the already bleeding CGPA.


The book of life has its sharp blades of withdrawal in 17.2% of the 2,961 students admitted into the premier university. Sonorous to the hearing, the office of the vice chancellor on the 20th of October 2017 for the first time in years brought out a “special release” to address the poor result obtained by the freshmen. The release was titled “CLARION CALL FOR MORE HARD WORK DURING THE SECOND SEMESTER 2016/2017 SESSION”. The release partly states

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The Senate of the University of Ibadan at its meeting held on Wednesday, 18 October, 2017, considered the results of the First Semester Examinations for the 2016/2017 Session. One major feature of the results was the noticeably poor performance of the 100 level students. From our records, 510 of the students out of the 2,961 posted a Cumulative Grade Point Average of less than 1.0. Kindly note that this is the minimum level of performance required to retain studentship here. In other words, 17.2% of the 100 level students would have to significantly improve their academic performance in order not to be advised to withdraw from the University at the end of the session.”

“As you are aware, the pass mark in any of your courses is now 45% as against 40% hitherto. Secondly, Continuous Assessment now accounts for 40 marks out of the maximum 100 marks in each course. Moreover, the minimum number of units that you need to pass at the end of the 100 level is now 24 units, as against 20 units previously.”

This new information shows that, the already drowning freshmen have a relatively high mountain to climb in order to keep their place in the university next session.

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