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1,272 Fail To Make Bar, Nigeria Law School Release Results

1,272 Fail To Make Bar, Nigeria Law School Release Results

The bar examination is one of the most anticipated professional exams in the country.

The Nigeria law School is one of the most prestigious and credible institutions in Nigeria whose headquarters is located in the Bwari, Abuja.

On Saturday, 21st of October the result of the examination conducted in August was released.

Chinedu Ukekwe the Head of Information and Protocol for the institution said out of the 5,891 students that participated in the examination just 29 achieved first class honours.

While, 211 second class upper, 1,046 second class lower, 999 got pass and 334 were passed on conditions bringing the total of percentage pass to 72.9 while 5.7% were on conditions.

The bar examinations are a compulsory examination that must be passed by prospective law students before they can be called to the bar.

The examination is used to test the ability of law graduates to argue the law before the bar. The called to bar is of historical origin, and refers to a time when medieval English apprentice had proven their ability before they were granted permission to argue law before the bar.

        Nigerian Law School, Abuja.

Nigerian Law School is a government educational institution the established in 1962 to provide prospective law students Nigerian legal education. With the completion of their law school education and success of their bar examination the 4,285 reportedly successful candidates will join their over 70,000 graduate colleagues when they are called to bar on 28 and 29th of November as revealed in a statement by Ukekwe in Abuja.

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